since you’ve been gone i can do whatever i waaaant 🙂 is what i’ve been up to in the last 2 mounths or so:

first: i moved out..and moved on


i staied at agatha for a while..and did too many stupid crazy things to mention here 😛

i got a new tattoo and there was a lil bit of you 

and it made me smile

and then i called some friends

and i moved again

and there it was him

and her

and him again

and me in my new HOME

and lil baby haya 🙂

and i bought a new camera

so we gathered some friends

to celebrate

to go out

and dance

and hook up with weird crazy ppl

and dress up for halloween

just to have what to take off in the club 🙂

and mornings where hard..rehearsing,reading,singing

and sometimes i felt sick

but there was always someone there for me

to spoil me

cause we were never alone

and everyday we went playing with haya in the park

and we went rollerskating..and he broke my skates

oh,the guilt!

but we always make up..and he bought me a book..and signed it..

and me?im always looking for new andventures

and we do a diffrent crazy thing every day

and take tons of pictures

we go on top of buldings

late at night

when we get high

or just hang out in the park

with the dogs

and we take the train (and some times end up in ciulnita)

to meet again with old friends

old loves

new friends

and learn new tricks 🙂

and talk a lot

and collect raisins from a milka cup full with beer

which is weird

but is not the weirdest thing i’ve done

as long as we’re together

and we have a good time

and (sometimes) get some sleep

im still alive and kicking